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One Shot (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Composed by Michel Mazza)

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New OdNu Triptych Album 

release date: October 26th 2018

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"Cognitive Bias" is a triptych release by OdNu. On these three albums OdNu experiments with the midi guitar as a midi controller (in the vein of controllerism). As both guitarist and controllerist, OdNu finger walks along the frets through a minefield of sounds and samples that surprise and inspire the improvisational guitar creating a conversation of floating guitar melodies and midi triggered atmospheres.... on one fret he may find a bandoneon, violin phrase, a voice, a field recording or other sound from his library and then incorporate that as a complement to the chords… Each song on "Cognitive Bias" is an improvisation following this process and each song was recorded in just one take between 2012 and 2017. 

The three albums are named after variant types of cognitive bias. A cognitive bias is like a faulty circuit of thought pattern that a brain can become looped into causing errors and irrationality. A brain is benefitted by using and exploring all pathways of thought and electrical current. It might be possible that your personal cognitive biases will be rewired and flushed through by listening to OdNu's disjointed and intentionally cognitive scrambling loops. 

Pareidolia is a phenomenon in which the mind responds to an image or a sound by perceiving a familiar pattern where none exists. 
“Pareidolia” (Part 1) is an experiment on sampling and repetitive obsessive phrases developing and growing...the mood is schizophrenic happy and insistent with fluctuating guitar melodies following you all the way along. 

Tachypsychia is a neurological condition that alters the perception of time. 
“Tachypsychia” (Part 2) is an experiment in texture where guitar arpeggios and melodies construct a more cinematic soundscape while violin, clarinet,synth,crackles ,voices, field recordings and other noises populate the atmosphere while the guitar remains the centerpiece of the melody. 

Reactance is the act of rebellion in the belief that one's behavioral freedoms are being imposed upon. 
"Reactance" (Part 3) is an experiment in tap guitar technique and rhythm while midi triggering drums and percussion sounds as well as sounds of debris and synth guitar ,kazoo, bass etc... in a more frenetic almost free jazz style. 

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Announcing the new music video ::::“Floating Room”::::

Full Album released August 26th 2017

Read a great review for "Lejano" on Irregular Crates

Tune in this Sunday 7/30/2017 at 3:00pm EST to hear it featured on Unexplained Sounds

"Lejano", OdNu’s new full length experimental ambient album is out now (08/26/2017).  The album will come with an accompanying digital book with artwork by Michel Mazza and writings by idiiom.  

The music for Lejano is the product of two years of experimenting and recording with midi guitar. OdNu found a way to improvise, record and perform by using the midi guitar to trigger different sounds and samples of his own recordings. Firstly, OdNu gathers elements that relate to each other from his original and self created library of field recordings, recorded guitars, clarinets, bandoneon, piano, voice and other instruments and sounds… and then organizes the sounds and assigns them to different frets on the midi guitar which creates the basis for improvisation… Each song on Lejano is an improvisation following this process and each song was recorded in just one take.


The results are as unique and interesting as the process. On each track you’ll find melancholic guitar melodies that lead you through mesmerizing and densely textured landscapes. These ambient experimental landscapes feel like foreign atmospheres, like lost sentences in letters that forgot to be sent, like dreams flooding to the surface, like objects falling in slow tumbling winds, like clouds of syncopated mystery. We recommend that you lie down on the floor while listening and enjoy the fall in….


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