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OdNu is the musical alias of Michel Mazza. Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina and now NYC/Hudson,NY based he produces experimental electronic music and composes for short films under his digital label www.Girasolmusic.com 
OdNu graduated from the early LA rave scene where he performed live electronic sets during the mid 90’s as part of ESP Network and later in the early 2000’s under Undo (before his name reversed itself) as a part of the LA based Terpsichore collective sharing the bill with the likes of Murcof, Mitchell Akiyama, Sutekh and more. Later he collaborated with Big Bully on remixes for Mo’s Ferry and Adjunct. And he has had a few techno track releases on Blaq Records.
Michel also writes and directs short films and music videos, works as a film/tv editor, sound designer (Robotomy, 5 States of Fear) and runs his own post production house ::: www.postpresentfuture.tv
Most recently he wrote and directed the music video for Black Light Smoke‘s “Firefly” (Scissor & Thread).

“When I see images I hear music and when I hear music I see images…” – OdNu


vocalizer of voronoi vectors

I am an artist, poet and vocalist… you can find my voice and lyrics interspersed here and there in OdNu’s music… I have always been fascinated by creative and esoteric practices that allow access into the inner aspects of oneself and the universe allowing the realization of the two being ultimately one. Singing is one such practice for me.  I am a dedicated practitioner of North Indian classical vocal music and you can find me most mornings with a pot of tea and a teacup strumming my Tanpura and meditating on my voice while it moves up and down the scales… I also love to improvise mostly in the dark of night…jamming with OdNu and other musicians or alone channeling my voice through machines and loopers...  

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